Getting to know the Civilitude Admin Team

By Categories: BlogPublished On: April 29th, 2021

Administrative Professionals Day was Wednesday, April 21, and the office treated our admin team with flowers and treats in appreciation of the work they each do for Civilitude. Our admin team consists of four members: Operations Manager Leslie Botello, Operations Coordinator Mallory Decherd, Administrative Coordinator Victoria Haggard and Administrative/Marketing Assistant Jazmin Velasquez. No task is too small or too hard for our administrative team to handle. Without the work done by this team, the rest of Civilitude would have a bit of catching up to keep things on track. Each of the four ladies keep the company running smoothly and efficiently when it comes to things in HR, invoicing, scheduling meetings, preparing documents and packages and overall helping maintain the office. To get to know the admin team a little bit better, read their answers to a couple of questions they were asked to speak about. (From left to right – Jazmin, Mallory, Leslie, Victoria)


What is your role as Operations Manager?

I work on everything and anything that is not engineering, from HR to finance to operations and everything in between.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I enjoy paddle boarding, going out for drinks with friends, reading a good thriller book, traveling and shopping.

Where do you call home?

I’m from Matamoros, Mexico but moved to the Edinburg/McAllen area at a young age.

If you could pick a dream destination to travel to right now, where would you go?

Anywhere in Asia. I’ve been to 23 countries and am always looking to add to my list.

What are your interests, hobbies, favorite things etc.?

Politics, Coffee and travel (that practically sums me up).

What is your favorite part about working at Civilitude?

You choose the career path you want to take. Unlike other companies, Civilitude does not limit you to just the role you applied for. You are given the opportunity to work in areas you are interested in all while working with really cool people.



What is your job?

I do a little bit of everything– a little bit of finance and a little bit of marketing!

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I try to get outside as much as possible, just doing the basic Austin things like run on Ladybird or go paddle boarding! I’m also a big live music fan so looking forward to that post-Covid!

What type of veggie would you be?

Brussel sprouts because I love to be surrounded by friends.

Dream destination?

Mexico City because I’ve heard great things and want to practice my Spanish!

If you had another career, what would you do?

I’ve always wanted to be a professor.

What are some of your interests?

I enjoy literally anything food related — cooking, eating, gardening, all that jazz.



How would you explain what your job is?

My focus is mainly affordability funding, property management and RFQ coordination.

How do you spend your time outside of work?

I enjoy painting and napping.

Which veggie would you be?

I’m a carrot because I like to stay grounded.

Where is your hometown?

Dallas/Fort Worth

If you had another job, what would it be?

International sleeper agent.

What are some of your interests and favorite things?

Languages & International Cultures/ Multimedia Art / Raindrops on roses…and whiskers on kittens….



How would you describe your job?

I do tasks related to both the marketing and administrative side of Civilitude. Those things can be anything from posting on social media and writing blog posts or scheduling meetings and things in-between.

If you were a veggie?

I’d be a cucumber since I like to keep things chill.


I’ve lived in El Paso my whole life and I love it there so much.

Tell us your dream destination.

Going to Seattle has been in my mind literally the month before Covid happened, so the next chance I get I want to go there.

Tell us about your interests.

I love watching a TV show or movie that turns out to be way better than I would have thought it to be. I also enjoy going hiking, especially with my dog Archer, shopping and just chilling on my down time.

And what’s your favorite thing about Civilitude?

I enjoy how everyone sincerely expresses how important growth is both individually for the employees and for the company.


This few couple of questions do not entirely sum up the admin team, but we hope you enjoyed getting to know them a little better! Civilitude is a growing company with over 30+ employees. In the coming months, expect more department highlights as we have many other individuals we would like to put the spotlight on.