The New Age of Construction: 3D Printing Technologies and the Role of Civil Engineering Innovations

By Categories: BlogPublished On: March 15th, 2023

Innovation is part of Civilitude’s DNA. It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. Civilitude was founded in 2010 as an energetic and tenacious approach to civil engineering in land development. Over a decade later, Civilitude is the consultancy of record for innovative and diverse projects throughout Austin.

Although innovation can be taken out of context, it is not a term that we use lightly. Our president, Nhat M Ho, has often expressed frustration that there is not enough research and development in our industry. Civilitude’s president, Nhat Ho, Civilitude’s founder Fayez Kazi, Constructinople’s principal Eyad Kasemi, and the HEXAH team have dedicated time, energy, and resources to nurture the next generation of civil engineers by inspiring innovation.

One of the outcomes of that collective effort was Capital A Housing, currently led by Nicole Joslin and Conor Kenny. To us, Capital A is a social innovation that will change how affordable housing is developed in partnership with civil engineering firms specializing in land development.

With this commitment in our minds and conviction in our hearts, we are thrilled to be a key partner in collaboration with ICON on some of their most impactful projects. The Civilitude team continues to be entrusted with 3D technology projects such as US army housing, ICON headquarters, and most recently the 3D printed pavilion at the Long Center. We were ecstatic to work with ICON, the City of Austin and several other innovative partners on this project, which debuted during the 2023 South By Southwest Festival.

Thank you to Andy Rauch, David Bradshaw, and Brooke Bauguess for giving the Civilitude and HEXAH teams a sneak peak of the structure. What a great way to kick start SXSW!

This project is a slice of the larger re-imagining of El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas, spearheaded by hospitality maven Liz Lambert, BIG, and ICON. Learn more about the project here.


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