There is nothing more exciting than picturing a New Year. We look at a calendar knowing it is full of possibilities and imagine what will change by December 31st, 2022. With our mind set on our future, we want to share our gratitude and reflect back on this past year’s growth and accomplishments.

During the year of 2021, the Civilitude Group has created new pavements – literally, being one of the main civil engineering firms crafting Austin’s sidewalks, and figuratively. We are shaping what the climate of Austin’s land development market will be for the public and private sectors. Our internal growth includes nearly doubling our number of employees from January 1st, 2021 to January 1st, 2022, valuing preparation for our clients and being able to take on more challenging projects.

A project that took us out of our comfort zone was Colony Park. This project was already a master plan, winning an Austin Green Award 2021, but needed some help with filling the financial gaps, increasing revenue and finalizing public financing options. Working with companies like Catellus and McCann Adams Studio, we were able to bring it into the development process. This project is so special because we still put the community’s needs at the top of the list. It was important to us to keep what mattered most, while adding feasibility to bring the dream to fruition.

Another big accomplishment to mention is the Manor ISD k-8 schools that are set to be completed in 2023. Early in Q3 of 2021, we were proposed with drafting the grounds for a 40-acre site, housing an elementary and middle school to fill up 900 students with a 7 month timeline before construction begins. See the graphic below to track our plans to be finished on time and on budget.

We were able to step up to the plate and become a fundamental part of the Manor ISD K-8 project because it is one of our foundational lines of work.

Austin has recently just passed the first transit bond ever. Standing behind our community-focused mentality, we loved to be a part of history working with CARTS to provide public transportation at the Richard A. Moya Eastside Bus Plaza.

“We want to be involved in projects that shape the community. We want to know that your kids go to a school that we helped design, your neighbor walks one of our parks, and that you enjoy this nice restaurant that was a lot of fun to brainstorm it’s layout.” – Our President, Nhat Ho.

While we are highlighting the wins, we would like to remember the loss of one of our Principals, Jim Schissler. Jim was the coolest guy in any room that he walked into. He got his cool points from his slicked back hair, snazzy clothing, electric motorcycle and because everyone knew who he was. Mayor Steve Adler named September 28th, Jim Schissler Day. His life will forever be celebrated within the city he loved, Austin. One of the final projects he worked on was the new Google tower. Civilitude also helped create 3 other surrounding buildings in downtown Austin.

Looking forward to the year ahead, as we build out our team, we are engaging in projects that build our community and allow Austin to stay a special place. Throughout that process, we also want to remain a special place for developers, architects, contractors, city officials, and most importantly, our employees. Being strategic, guided by our previous projects, we know when to say yes to the right project. We will continue to hold the capability of providing the best result.