Remembering Jim Schissler

By Categories: BlogPublished On: August 18th, 2021

Jim Schissler, Civilitude Vice President passed away on Tuesday, August 17th after a battle with Cancer. We are heartbroken at this news, even though we were aware that it was coming. We want to take this moment to celebrate Jim’s amazing life and share with you about the Jim we knew and loved.

Jim was the coolest guy in pretty much any room he walked into. He got cool points for his slicked back hair, his snazzy clothing, his electric motorcycle and of course because everybody knew him. That was always our joke with Jim around the office. Our CEO, Fayez Kazi who worked for Jim before starting Civilitude and hiring him, often said Jim’s brand was “everybody knows Jim.”

If by chance you weren’t lucky enough to know Jim, here are some more things you should know about him:

  • Jim was originally from Maryland where he attended the University of Maryland majoring in Engineering. But Austin is where he made his mark.
  • Through his work at Civilitude, he served as the lead Civil Engineer on a variety of projects, most notably Block 185, the new Google Building in Downtown Austin. Other high profile projects include: Hotel Zaza and Eastlake at Tillery.
  • He served a 4 year term on the City of Austin Planning Commission.
  • He served on the Board for Hill Country Conservancy helping manage the design, development and financing of the Violet Crown Trail.
  • Jim was good at everything. Seriously. Everything. He played volleyball frequently and dominated. He played tennis with our office and was awesome. Badminton? Sure.
  • Other notable projects from his career in Austin include: Green Water Plant Redevelopment at Seaholm, Platinum Onion Creek garden apartments, Guadalupe-Saldana Net Zero Subdivision, Rio de Vida for TXI, Akins High School, Tech Ridge Business Park, Austin City Lofts, West Austin Lofts, and the Meridian Senior Living Facility.
  • He loved cigars, boats, live music, traveling, happy hours and his motorcycle.

There is so much more we could share about Jim. He left a lasting impact on the City of Austin and especially on us here at Civilitude. Jim was much more than what was described above. Most importantly, Jim was the father to 3 children. He was a brother. He was a friend to all.

If you want to share a story or memory of Jim please email us at [email protected] with memories.

Rest in Peace, Jim. You will never be forgotten. You were the coolest guy in town. Everybody knew you. We loved you.